Becoming a
Business Partner.

Our culture team will guide you every step of the way on running your own salon including all the training needed and management advice to help you be on the road to another successful culture salon.

Are You Ready?

Are you motivated passionate and ready to make your dream come true to run your very own business? Then your the person we are looking for to join our hair culture family and you do not have to have a business background experience.

Training & Mentorship

We will be with you every step of the way our business development mentor has got over 10 years business industry experiences and would gladly pass it on to you. Our culture team will also train you on how to keep a good client foundation and high service standards.

Store Location

We assess every future location to make sure it suited for our industry every location will be chosen carefully to make sure our business partners are set to a successful future.

Part of the Culture Family

Are you ready to join the culture family and find out more about owning your own business? Contact us now!

Apply to Join Hair Culture


All you need to do is leave a review on one of our locations you last visited and present it in store to our staff to redeem this offer!