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Nano Laser Hair Extensions


Nano Laser Hair Extensions achieve three big benefits: Bonding, Handling & Results!


More perfect than ever before, super-flat and undetectable. Each and every bond with the exact same shape. No visible transitions.


Faster and easier than ever before. Fully automatic, without manual work. Extremely fast and foolproof removal.


More fascinating and enthralling than ever before. Completely invisible, imperceptible hair integration. No more entanglements, no more time-consuming after-treatments.

How it Works

With the worldwide debut of ‟Laserbeamer NANO Systems“, it takes only 45 Minutes for any hair style to be transformed into a dreamlike longer hairstyle.

With a push of a button, in just 30 seconds, five of your own hair strands is more than doubled with the NanoStick.

The application of Laserbeamer NANO Systems is easy and fast to learn, and can be implemented by each stylist without problems.

Long, full hair of your dreams, so perfect and natural as never before.

Thanks to modern precision technique the Nano bonds are ultra-thin and extremly flat.